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Please copy & fill out the application below for joining DeathWish.


1. Will you use ventrilo for Raids, PvP, Sieges, and PvE groups if they ask for it? *Note if you don't want to speak, just listen.

2. Will you put effort towards creating a party if none are available?

3. Do you play more than 3 days a week?
3a. List your play times with GMT timezone.

4. Can you listen (leaders/officers)?

5. Will you particapte in Raids, XP groups, PvP, sieges, etc...?

6. How long have you been playing Lineage 2?

7. What do you expect from DeathWish?

8. What was your last clan and reasons you left.

9. Do you know anyone in Clan?

Character Info:

*Group applications can fill out one application with multiple character info.

-Class - Level
-Class - Dual Level
-Sub Levels
-Gear (brooch,dyes,belt,shirt,jewelry,armor,weapon)
-Ability Points
-Skills OE

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